My story

I want to give you my story. This is the first of many. Yes, I decided that enough is enough and as an actor I will make my own opportunities, instead of waiting and hoping for others to offer them to me… but this isn’t just a project in which I get to act . And it’s certainly not a money thing. True Indie passion projects rarely ever are.

I want to tell a real story. Full of compelling, visceral, engaging and authentic truths. Because that’s what I’ve encountered on my journey thus far and that’s what I believe you as the audience deserve to experience: something substantive…something to sink your teeth into, to make you think-hard, to push you to question, to inspire you to want to be better and to connect. 

Sure, studios and big budgets can dazzle with familiar names and fancy faces (many of which I – let’s be honest- LOVE and admire, but still lol) … they can distract with bells and whistles and overwhelm with fabricated cacophonies and catastrophes and mystifying special effects… but I’m tired of being distracted. I prefer substance, don’t you? Just a little?When you really think about it? Don’t get me wrong, I WILL be going to see WONDER WOMAN and I often enjoy a good (GOOD) blockbuster and I wouldn’t hesitate at the opportunity to play some kind of superhero. But! I also love stories about actual humans, regular heroes, predicaments that we can easily relate to and that make us examine our own intentions and objectives, and evaluate our core values and ultimate purpose. I want to tell THAT kind of story.

Ultimately, I believe there’s a profoundly unique story within each of us. Expressable through any means really- not just the arts. The way we live, one-on-one conversations, simple discourse… We all have a story to tell. What’s yours?

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