The mile…

Welcome to The Mile Ground.

This title refers to the part of town where I grew up (in Morgantown, West Virginia) but it also represents a concept: Sooner or later we all must navigate our way down a tricky or treacherous road in life and the choice is ours whether or not we survive the journey.

…The path may be long or short, but regardless, each person’s experience is unique and legitimate. One mile could be an easily achievable (and avoidable perhaps) stretch of distance for one person – say a runner, or one who is driving a car – yet for someone else who is hindered in some way (illness or injury perhaps), even walking several feet could be  overwhelming and ongoing struggle. Another way of looking at the mile ground is that one man could easily walk a mile in minutes while a small insect might invest its entire life in the attempt. I suppose the point is that we all have obstacles and whether they seem monstrous or have simply been covered up or placed on a back burner…they are OURS and we have the CHOICE to let them influence the nature of our existence or to live deliberately,  meet them head on and become better for it.

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